2014-2015 Staff Writers Announced

The Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review is excited to welcome our new 2L staff writers for the 2014-2015 year!

Immediately following their final exam, 2Ls received the information packet containing all of the materials for the journal write-on competition. The 2Ls had approximately two weeks to complete a Bluebooking challenge and write a memorandum.  The competition is always intense and requires much hard work and dedication. We are very excited to welcome our new staffers and are looking forward to working with them for the coming school year:

Devon Applegate
Andy Bartholomew
Brian Bieschke
Sarah Gordon
Marisa Kaley
Joe Lance
Andrew Messer
Elle Metzger
Erica Novack
Matthew Renick
Kathryn Scherpf
Sam Worth
Tim Wright


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