BC Law Program Certificate in Environmental & Law Use Law

Boston College Law School offers a Program Certificate in Environmental & Land Use Law through the Boston College Environmental Law Society. The Certificate has been offered since 1995 and has three general goals:

I. Academic Study: To assure that students have a core of relevant substantive knowledge.

II. Research & Writing: The student should have experience pursuing a topic in environmental or land law in depth, and be competent in research in matters of environmental and land use law.

III. Practical/ Public Service Experience: To help student acquire practical legal skills. The practical experience should also help students explore individual areas of interest and encourage active participation and service to the community and the legal system by students from all years.

The Program is administered by the Boston College Environmental Law Society. BC ELS serves as a resource for environmental organizations and informs the law school community of environmental issues. The organization conducts a Winter Seminar Weekend in New Hampshire, runs a film series and brings speakers to the law school. For more information, please contact either Mike Tierney (michael.tierney@bc.edu)

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