About Us

The Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review is a student-run academic journal whose primary purpose is to publish legal scholarship concerning environmental law and policy. The Review publishes bi-annually, with issues typically printed in January and April. The Review seeks to shape discussion of the most important and relevant issues facing environmental law and policy today by publishing relevant articles, notes, and comments that contribute to legal scholarship. Our publication serves as a resource for current students, academics, and active practitioners of law. This is best expressed by the first issue of the Review, published in 1971:

Environmental Affairs is designed as a multidisciplinary scholarly journal [that] seeks to develop further an intelligent interchange on the recognition and solution of environmental problems. . . Far too frequently, much imagination remains inert and much initiative is lost because of the intellectual isolation of lawyers, scientists and other professionals.Environmental Affairs seeks to remedy the inadequacies of separate disciplinary structures and keep all its readers advised of significant related developments in other areas of learning…Environmental Affairs is intended to be a forum: A forum for the interchange of research opinion and commentary of scientists of various disciplines, administrators, planners, educators and lawyers. The list is not intended to be inclusive. We invite your response. Editor’s Note, 1 B.C. Envtl. Aff. L. Rev. vi (1971).

 The Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review is one of the nation’s two oldest law reviews dedicated to environmental law. Having developed and maintained a national reputation as one of the country’s leading environmental and land use journals, the Review has the highest subscription rate among the law reviews at Boston College Law School. EALR was recently ranked #10 by the Washington and Lee University School of Law Survey of journals dedicated to environmental law.

Staffing and Publication

EALR is run entirely by second and third year students of the Boston College Law School and all publication decisions are made by the student editors. Each year, EALR publishes articles written by professors, judges, and practitioners, in addition to publishing notes and comments written by the Review Staff. All articles are subjected to a rigorous and through editing process that is designed to refine and sharpen arguments and tone.

Student scholarship takes the form of Notes and Comments. Comments, typically 12 pages, are written by second year students and take note of recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, federal circuit courts, federal district courts, and state supreme courts. Notes are approximately 25-30 pages in length and also written by second year students. In their Notes, students comment more throughly on a pressing issue in environmental law, an overlooked consequence of a recent decision or legislation, a split in the federal circuit courts, etc. Comments are published in the first issue of EALR; Notes are published in the second issue.