The Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review respectfully requests that contributors comply with the following standards:

Electronic Submission
We strongly encourage contributors to submit their manuscripts electronically, either through ExpressO or via email to  We generally do not accept submissions via regular mail.

Length Limitations
EALR strongly prefers articles under 25,000 words in length with approximately 500 footnotes (50 law review pages), including text and footnotes.

Citation Format
Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. Footnotes should conform to the 19th edition of The Bluebook.

Review Process 
The Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review throughly considers all manuscripts that it receives. Each submission is reviewed by the Executive Articles Editors, who carefully read each piece. Before a publication decision is made, a preemption check is conducted and there are various meetings with other members of the Executive Board.

EALR reviews manuscripts year-round. We will never reject an article for lack of space; however, we may offer you publication for a future issue. We encourage authors to submit their manuscripts as soon as they are ready via ExpressO or via email to

We notify authors of our decisions by email.  As a matter of policy, we do not disclose the reasons for our decisions.